Golf Ball Storage Bag
Golf Ball Storage Bag
Golf Ball Storage Bag
Golf Ball Storage Bag


Golf Ball Storage Bag

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About this item:

  • Labor Saving This golf ball retriever eliminates the need to bend to pick up balls, make the retrieval process effortless, and save you from unnecessary strains and discomfort.
  • Additional pocket: the external zip pocket on the retriever also features a small pocket that is perfect for storing keys, phones or other small important basics during your golf game. This extra convenience ensures that you can focus on your game without worrying about misplaced items.
  • Easy to store: the golf ball retriever is designed to be easily removable and allows effortless mobility and storage..You can disassemble it into smaller parts and make it compact and portable for transport or storage purposes.
  • Large capacity: the top of the ball retriever features a spacious zip pocket that contains up to 70 golf balls. This generous capacity ensures that you can collect a significant number of balls before you need to empty the retriever.
  • Easy to carry: designed with a handle, this golf ball retriever allows easy carrying when collecting balls on the track. The handle provides a comfortable grip and makes the retrieval process more comfortable and efficient.

Product details:

Colour: Black Red 
Material: Polipropileno
Sport: Golf
Closure type: Zip