Automatic sweeping robot
Automatic sweeping robot
Automatic sweeping robot
Automatic sweeping robot


Automatic sweeping robot

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About this item:

  • It can measure the height of the steps, intelligent steering, fall protection and intelligent safety, so you don't have to worry about the product falling off and causing damage.
  • Automatically change the direction when you encounter obstacles and protect yourself and your furniture. The induction response is fast and is sensitive to the complex home environment.
  • Easy handling of large particles and easy removal of ordinary household waste. With great suction power and large capacity, it can hold more rubbish.
  • Imitate manual wiping of the floor back and forth to make the floor cleaner. You can wipe the floor with a cloth moistened with water.
  • Brushless motor, strong performance, noise reduction, energy consumption. Large capacity battery, running time is 120 minutes.

Product Details:

Mode of operation: mechanical 
Power supply mode: USB
Timing function: No timing
Rated voltage: 3.5V
Rated power: 50HZ
Rated frequency: 5W
Switch type: Normal button
Cleaning route: Random
Power source: Battery Powered
Sweeper style: Intelligent robot
Control method: Touch